Jan 07

Party Night in Limassol – Beautiful Steve

Steve in Drag

Party Night in Limassol as Friends celebrate Steve’s Birthday. ​ Thanks  go to Clive for his organisation and the persistence needed to make it all happen. As well as his bargaining skills on making such a deal on the cake!   Tony did a great job in driving the karaoke and getting things motoring with […]

Jan 07

“Three simple rules in life.

holiday in Cyprus

“Three simple rules in life. 1. If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it. 2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no. 3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.”

Dec 11

Cyprus To Get First Casino

Casino Cyprus

Casino in Cyprus The Council of Ministers has approved a bill that allows for the establishment and operation of casinos in Cyprus. The creation of casinos on the island is viewed by the current government as vital to the development of Cyprus’ tourist product, a stark contrast compared to the previous’ government’s refusal to pursue […]

Oct 19

Superyacht J’ade

Superyacht J'ade

 Superyacht J’ade – The Movie. If you have seen the Brochure you can now watch the Movie. The new Limassol marina can accommodate some of the more beautiful SuperYachts so perhaps J’ade would like to call in and pay us a visit. If she does then hopefully ‘Do it in Cyprus’ will be invited aboard and […]

Sep 29

Ballet described by Baby

Ballet by Babes Many thanks go to jayrandall22011 for letting us all share this video they posted on you tube. To really get the full benefit you need to watch the Chinese Acrobat video on facebook first. facebook We added the translation as it seemed that they had been looking at the ballet section and combined that with the […]

Sep 26

Insects on the Menu for Europe

More Flies in Your Soup Sir?  Ostrich farming took off in a big way as everyone realised how beneficial it would be to eat ostrich meat. However, it doesn’t seem to have sustained it’s initial promise and many farms have gone out of business. But who is going to argue with the economist as they […]

Sep 20

Free Diving in Cyprus

FREE DIVING , A FREE DIVER IN CYPRUS – A Very Different Experience Hi, My name is Mohamed Elmekkawi. I am a Free diver, ‘The-Freediver’, and I am very lucky to be living and working in a beautiful place like The Mediterranean Island of Cyprus. The climate is sunny and warm and the surroundings are […]

Sep 14

Could this one car Hire Mistake Ruin Your Holiday?

Car Hire Excess When you book a hire car do you assume that Fully comprehensive or Collision Damage Waiver means you’re well protected? Thats the way I used to look at it until I was asked at the car hire desk if I wanted to take insurance to cover the excess on the insurance. It […]

Sep 12

Cycling for Pleasure in Cyprus

Cycling in Cyprus

Cycling  in Cyprus There is a strong following for cycling here in Cyprus and we do have hire bikes available in many areas. Given the high number of retirees that come here to enjoy the reduced tax rate and the benefits the sunshine and warmth bring perhaps someone should think about starting a Cycling for Senior […]

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