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Do it in Cyprus   A Not for Profit Website with a Focus on                                                       Animal Welfare

Professional Services, Things to do, Places to Go, Sell & Buy, People that Help!

DoitinCyprus.com is not run for profit, we focus on generating money to help those that are entirely helpless, the Abused, Abandoned & Homeless Animals of Cyprus.

This site will be developed to help promote local businesses and in doing so fund charitable work carried out here in Cyprus in the hope that we can make a difference.  Any Business featured will have to Guarantee their work or service and make a direct financial contribution from any income they gain through DotinCyprus.com, we only get revenue if they get business, so everyone wins!  The site is under constant construction so please make some allowances and visit regularly to see the changes.

Your personal registration will help by boosting the numbers and promoting the cause, Your privacy is valued and you will not be expected to make any financial contribution, so please help. 

Party Night in Limassol – Beautiful Steve
Party Night in Limassol as Friends celebrate Steve's Birthday. ​Thanks  go to Clive for his organisation and the persistence needed[...]
“Three simple rules in life.
"Three simple rules in life. 1. If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.[...]
Cyprus To Get First Casino
Casino in Cyprus The Council of Ministers has approved a bill that allows for the establishment and operation of casinos[...]

We will be adding local businesses as soon they are vetted and they agree to follow the principles.

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Some Really Interesting Stuff
Don't miss the Mona Lisa Cyprus style
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Musical Talent

Cycling in Cyprus

Sport & Activities 

Not Just Cycling, we will be adding
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holiday in Cyprus


What can I do with my existing pensions, what will the tax situation be, where will i be taxed, what are my options, Can I take the Money now?

Why am I being told to fill in forms and send them to my Bank?  what accounts of mine are reported to who?

I have UK property and bank accounts that I don't think the Tax office is aware of, what happens now we have Common Reporting Standards and automatic exchange of information?

How do I get a better exchange rate than the bank offers?

 If You have a question or are thinking of doing something with money please Ask 

Banking, Pensions, Trusts, Saving, Investing, Insurance, Foreign exchange, we have it covered. 

If you have something good to say about Cyprus then tell us your story. If it doesn't get anyone into trouble we will do our best to post it.